Quotes I've been here on CFW for over a year now and been here during all the simple problems that go with a server. While these kinks were being worked out though I had a lot of fun with the community on here. Made some great friends and It's been super fun. Can't stay away for long! Quotes
The one and only

Quotes I have been playing on this server for about 6 months now and I am still happy to get on and chat with this community, I personally am very happy to say that I am a CFW member. With cool new plugins its hard to get bored, although I did take a month break back in april. I came back to so many new members and no one knew I had come back till the next few days, I was welcomed back quickly and became addicted again. Quotes
CasualFunWorld Is Awesome

Quotes I was introduced to this server by Chazer174. On the very first day I joined people were nice to me. Apart form the rollback everythings been fine. Great server, Great Community Quotes
Best Server Ever

Quotes I hav been playing in this server for a while now, and i have observed the methods of secuity that the moderators are using. I feel that it is one of a kind, and really very well. I will keep playing on the server, and i cant wait to see more progress :D Quotes
Casualfunworld is the best

Quotes When I first joined everyone was very kind and helpful even through you have to join to build it is quick and simple i don't think there has ever been an argument never any greifers and if so very quickly banned Quotes
Satisfied Dad jokes

Quotes I got minecraft a few months ago, after watching vids of it by VideoGamesAwesome. I was, like most people, satisfied with single player and said to myself that I would never go onto a server. This did not happen as I got bored. The second server I found was CFW. (On the first one I got chased by someone who wanted to burn me) Everyone was so kind helping me to become member, and so am i still now. I hope that i never have to leave this server! Quotes
CFW User

Quotes I joined this server back on the first map we had and it has been great! I did lose the ip and never thought of cheking the ip but once I found it I jumped up and down with joy. From OG_CLAN keep this server running good and proud. Quotes

Quotes I joined this server back in early february. I played other servers before this i joined this one, none can compare to how good this server is. The people are friendly, the admin is really helpful, and the mods do a great job of keeping the server in order. I feel like this server is a place to go have fun and escape reality. I will always love this server, and I cant think of anything I would rather do on Minecraft then play on this server. Quotes
Very Happy

Quotes Ever since the last multiplayer server I played on went under, I have been looking for a new place to build. Finally I find this server, and suddenly a very respectful and welcoming minecraft community welcomes me. I must say that this is one of if not the best servers I have played on. Going from a few simple projects to my own city was easy thanks to the great plugins and generous players. Count me as satisfied. Quotes
Great Server

Quotes Every since i started this server it was 1 year ago, its was top... I have to thank monkeyismad for letting me share a house while i get started. Then came a hard part where Monkeyismad house was robbed maiing mine and his stuff was taken. I left to another server. But then i came bk to a warm welcome. Everything had changed; new map, new mods and everything. But i got used to it again and never left ever since :) Quotes
Some Fun :)
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