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Does anyone know where MineChamp has run off to? Hes a old friend of mine and im trying to meet him again. And by old, I mean we've played together since... I think alpha 1.3. So if anyone could tell me a server IP that he frequents that'd be great. thanks

And I found this by googling Minechamp...

MineChamp, ive had new accounts. it was so long ago I dont remember which account. heres a list of possible accounts I used:




So yah. If any of those ring a bell, shoot me a msg.

btw, things we did together, just incase you dont recognize names.

We were in a skycity that you made,

Started a city of in some desolate corner.

We did alot of other things that I cant even remember. But I watched some of the server vids and recognized alot of names. 3rd, toetoni, Minechamp, waha. those are the main ppl I recognized, so I know this is my friend Please help me find him.

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hes still on CFWR on a regular basis




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Lol you have the same avatar as teh8bits, the griefer who wrote the Epsilon client. I am officially suspicious.

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